Shri Sammed Shikharji Teerth Kshetra is a salvation place of 20 tirthnakars as well as numerous saints. That is why it is called as the “Tirthraj” (King of Tirths). It is one of the best places to live a spiritual life. You can visit anytime in a year.

Distance - 20Km


Rijju Balika is a Jain temple which holds the foot idol of Lord Mahavir Swami. The idol of his foot is around six inches tall and in white color. This temple is situated on the banks of the Barakar. This is one of the places to visit near sammed shikharji.

Distance - 20Km


Girdih is a district of Jharkhand, India and meaning of this word is the land of hills & hillocks. It is located above 289m from sea level and hotel facilities are there. This is the best place for the nature lover and the best places to visit near parasnath and this place looks more elegant after monsoon season.

Distance - 12Km


This is a very well know place in Jain community and it is said that this is a salvation place of a saint Indrabhuti Gautam Gangadhar. This is situated in the center of a lake and a bridge of 60 meters take you to the temple.

Distance - 2Km


During the ancient kingdom of Magadha, Nalanda was admired by the large Buddhist monastery named mahavihara. It is well known for formalized methods of Vedic that are highly beneficial than the today’s modern methods. One can experience it only after visiting the place.

Distance - 2Km


This is a highly notified area of a Nalanda district, Bihar, India and was the first capital of Magadha. This is one of the favorite places of Bhagavan Mahavira and Gautama Buddha. It is a good nearby place of Shikharji. Visit once and remember forever.

Distance - 15Km


Pawapur is one of the holiest places for Jain communities located at Nalanda district, Bihar. It is also known as Apapuri means sinless town and Lord Mahavira cremated at pawapuri. Gaon temple is there where lord Mahavira attained moksha.

Distance - 23Km


Kundanpur - a pilgrimage place for Jain people in India located in Madhya Pradesh and 35 kilometers away for Damoh. There are around 63 temples of different types and among them, the twenty-second temple is well-known for Bade baba Bhagavan Adinath.

Distance - 23Km


Nawada is a famous city of a Bihar, India and lying on the both sides of a river Khuri. The name is evolved from “Nau-abad” means the new town. There is a Jain temple where you can experience spiritual life and listen to your soul in a peaceful environment.

Distance - 178Km