Shri Sammed Shikharji Teerth Kshetra is a salvation place of 20 tirthnakars as well as numerous saints. That is why it is called as the “Tirthraj” (King of Tirths). It is one of the best places to live a spiritual life. You can visit anytime in a year.

Distance - 20Km


Rijju Balika is a Jain temple which holds the foot idol of Lord Mahavir Swami. The idol of his foot is around six inches tall and in white color. This temple is situated on the banks of the Barakar. This is one of the places to visit near sammed shikharji.

Distance - 17Km


Girdih is a district of Jharkhand, India and meaning of this word is the land of hills & hillocks. It is located above 289m from sea level and hotel facilities are there. This is the best place for the nature lover and the best places to visit near parasnath and this place looks more elegant after monsoon season.

Distance - 30Km


This is a very well know place in Jain community and it is said that this is a salvation place of a saint Indrabhuti Gautam Gangadhar. This is situated in the center of a lake and a bridge of 60 meters take you to the temple.

Distance - 215Km


During the ancient kingdom of Magadha, Nalanda was admired by the large Buddhist monastery named mahavihara. It is well known for formalized methods of Vedic that are highly beneficial than the today’s modern methods. One can experience it only after visiting the place.

Distance - 210Km


This is a highly notified area of a Nalanda district, Bihar, India and was the first capital of Magadha. This is one of the favorite places of Bhagavan Mahavira and Gautama Buddha. It is a good nearby place of Shikharji. Visit once and remember forever.

Distance - 260Km


Pawapur is one of the holiest places for Jain communities located at Nalanda district, Bihar. It is also known as Apapuri means sinless town and Lord Mahavira cremated at pawapuri. Gaon temple is there where lord Mahavira attained moksha.

Distance - 225Km


Kundanpur - a pilgrimage place for Jain people in India located in Madhya Pradesh and 35 kilometers away for Damoh. There are around 63 temples of different types and among them, the twenty-second temple is well-known for Bade baba Bhagavan Adinath.

Distance - 240Km


Nawada is a famous city of a Bihar, India and lying on the both sides of a river Khuri. The name is evolved from “Nau-abad” means the new town. There is a Jain temple where you can experience spiritual life and listen to your soul in a peaceful environment.

Distance - 178Km


Deoghar is a Hindi word and the literal meaning of 'Deoghar' is abode ('ghar') of the Gods and Goddesses ('dev'). Deoghar is also known as "Baidyanath Dham", "Baba Dham", "B. Deoghar". The origin of Baidyanathdham is lost in antiquity

Distance - 110Km


Mandar hill is extremely sacred in the Hindu Mythology. The Skanda Purana records the history of the famous Amrit Manthan ( the churning of the ocean ). Due to this mythical association, the hill has assumed considerable religious significance and had been a place of pilgrimage up till now.

Distance - 175Km


Champapur is quite ancient and historic Teerth Kshetra. Champapur is the only ‘Panch Kalyanaka Kshetra’ in the world. It is related to Panch Kalyanaka: – “(i) Garbha, (ii) Janma, (iii) Tapa, (iv) Gyan and (v) Moksha” of 12th Teerthankar Bhagwan Vasupoojya (The first ascetic saint). The Champapur was the capital of ‘Anga Janpada’. The Anga Janpada was one of the 52 Janpadas established by Adi Teerthankar Bhagwan Rishabh Deo.

Distance - 230Km


Bhagalpur district occupies an area of 2,569 square kilometres (992 sq mi),.[2][3] Bhagalpur district is a part of Bhagalpur Division. The river Ganges flows through the district.In 2006 the Indian government named Bhagalpur one of the country's 250 most backward districts (out of a total of 640).[4] It is one of the 36 districts in Bihar currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). [4]

Distance - 240Km


Kolkata is famous for its people, their culture, food, music, literature and the movies. It is one of the most densely populated cities in India along the banks of river Ganga with a heritage as dense. Kolkata is famous for its colonial edifices and modern amusement houses.

Distance - 350Km

Gaya(Via Jobhi)

Dobhi is on NH 19 (Grand Trunk Road)(old number: NH 2). It is also the junction point for NH 22, which connects to Bodh Gaya, 22 kilometres (14 mi), Gaya, Patna, 130 kilometres (81 mi),(all in Bihar), Chatra and Chandwa (in Jharkhand).

Distance - 210Km

Gaya (Via Rajgir)

Gaya to Rajgir By Train: Find complete information about Gaya to Rajgir train status, schedule, train timetable and train availability. Board train from Gaya to Rajgir, a journey of about 1 hours. Rajgir is the nearest railway station. It is about 5 kms from Gaya airport.

Distance - 320Km


Vaishali derives its name from King Vishal. Even before the advent of Buddhism and Jainism, Vaishali was the capital of the vibrant Vajji confederation, since before the birth of Mahavira (c. 599 BC), which suggests that it was perhaps the first republic in the world, similar to those later found in ancient Greece.[

Distance - 360Km


Patna assumed importance and grandeur around 490 BCE[27][28] as Ajatashatru, the king of Magadha, wanted to shift his capital from the hilly Rajagrha (today's Rajgir) to a strategically located place to better combat the Licchavis of Vaishali.[29]

Distance - 330Km