Prakash Bhawan is one of the best Dharamshala located at parasnath Jharkhand. With the support of an entire Jain community, it offers a luxurious accommodation for pilgrims and devotees who want to spend a spiritual vacation there. Shikharji is having around 24 teerthankaras as well as a huge number of saints and so, a large crowd visits Shri Sammed Sikharji every year and Prakash Bhawan provides amenities to all types of yatris from kids to old age and local to modern youth.




When anyone visits a Dharamshala, he/she see the reception area and so, it represents the entire place and a pilgrim can decide to stay there or not. Considering all these facts in mind; the entire reception area is designed with modern technology and spacious interiors. Comfortable sofas are available for waiters and can release the whole stress by staying in a peaceful place. Have a look at quality features of Reception Desk:

  • Receptionists are there for 24X7
  • Locker facilities are there to store valuable stuff
  • Bus, Railway and Airway timetable are there on reception area
  • 24X7 free Wi-Fi facilities
  • One can check out at anytime
  • Rest area is available for driver


There are various categorized rooms for every pilgrim who spend days in the lap of Jain Teerthnakars and Uttar Pradesh Dharamshala shikharji. All rooms are available with comfortable bed, wardrobe and luggage rack. Have a look at our room features:

  • 24 hours Electricity (Inverter Backup) and running water facilities
  • Television with satellite channel
  • Fresh and clean atmosphere all the time
  • Indian and western style bathrooms available
  • Cold water is there for 24 hours a day
  • Hot water is available from 03:00 am to 08:00 am & from 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm.
  • Addition facilities: Bath and hand towel, sleeper, 3ltr Jug, Nylon broom, plastic mat, tumbler with tray.


A clean and complete jain cafeteria is also there to take breakfast, lunch and dinner with the availability of 60 person seating arrangement means 60 people can consume food at a time. Pure vegetarian food is served to the yatris at Dharamsala in Shikharji.

  • A clean and beautiful cafeteria
  • With food, biscuits and snacks are available
  • Tea, coffee, milk, cold drinks are also there
  • Available for anniversary, birthday ring ceremony and other religious programs.
Along with these, cafeteria follows a strict rule:
  • Breakfast: 7:00 AM – 10:30 AM
  • Lunch: 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Dinner: 4:30 PM to till sunset.
  • No food will be served after sunset.


Prakash Bhawan is the best Dharamshala in shikharji and the garden is one the primary factor considered by various yatris. Each and every place of the garden makes you feel relaxed and the peaceful environment makes you enjoy spiritual life. What you find at Garden:

  • Children’s entertainment zones
  • Relaxing zone for adults
  • Lawn is everywhere in garden
  • Benches are there to sit on
  • Safe play areas for children
  • A Large space is available Vehicle parking


Massage Therapy: If you feel tired and looking for massage therapy; we offer this facility to our guests (Yatris). One can come at day time for a massage and can feel relaxed in a short time.

  • Normal massage therapy
  • Oil massage for better refreshment

Other Facilities

RO Water: We believe in purity and so, pilgrims can satisfy their thirst by drinking only R.O. mineral water anytime. Our R.O. filter machine functions day and night to produce pure water.

Lift: We provide lift facility to our customers for 24X7 to reach their rooms easily.

Fire Extinguisher: We take responsibility of visitors and so; our Dharamsala is equipped with Fire Extinguisher to control fire in a short of time.

Solar System: To serve hot water to each room of our Prakash Bhawan; we have installed a solar system. So, one can get hot water in morning as well as evening time.

Inverter Facilities: We have inverter system to protect you and our properties from unwanted short circuit problems.

Pooja Books, Bags & Sticks of Vandana: Jain people’s day starts with Pooja and so, the sticks of Vandana, books and bags are available at any time at our place.