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Sammed Shikharji

Sri Sammed Shikhar Teerth Kshetra stands on the primacy or you can say the topmost light and the peak of all Digamber Jain Teerth Kshetras namely Ajitnath, Sambhavnath, Abhinandan - prabhu, Sumatinath, Padmprabhu, Suparshwanath, Chandraprabha, Suvidhinath, Sheetalnath, Shreyansnath, Vimalanath, Anantanath, Dharmanath, Shantinath, Kunthunath, Aranath, Mallinath, Munisuvrat Swami, Neminath and Parshwanath.

These austere saints had spent their entire life performing deep meditation (Tapasya) for attaining Nirwana topmost supremacy in their spiritual self and finally reaching to the ultimate “moksha” level where one reaches to the threshold of falling apart from the planetary needs.   

Sammed Shikharji and Ayodhya have long been known as the holy destinations, salvaged and worshipped with faith. The Natural beauty of the mountain is such that it is as good as worshipping the universe. The Tirthankars who were born in Ayodhya acquired salvation from Sammed Shikharji.

The essence and the power of Sammed Shikharji had attracted kings, Acharyas, Bhuttarakas and Shravakas who worshipped the mountain along with a vast number of other disciples, determined to acquire self contentment and peace.

It was the penance and meditation of the saints (Munies) which made the pilgrimage, a place of auspiciousness, filling the hearts and minds of devotees with joy and pleasure in worshipping the holy mountain. Each Tirthankar has made a tremendous effort in making this holy destination a showcase of universal strength. Since the days of yore Sammed Shikharji has been lively and electrifying with the grace of Jain Gods.

The base of Sammed Shikharji is called Madhuvan because of the trees sprinkling with drops and crystals of Madhu (Honey) all around the bottom of the mountain.

In Sammed Shikhar pilgrimage the Tonk of Lord Parshwanath is the highest and the final destination in the tirth journey. The unique attraction quality of the pilgrimage is also  because no other Jain temple in the world is situated as high as Sammed Shikharji. It is considered to be the holy destination, not only of Lord Parshwananth but also of the entire Jainism.

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